Una convergenza fra web e applicazioni mobile

Quanto le applicazioni mobile assomigliano a quelle per il web e viceversa? Il mondo di internet e quello delle App sono così lontani? Quesiti che confondono chi non è “addentro” alle questioni del mobile e che fanno infuriare gli sviluppatori puristi che si sgolano per dire che sono “due mondi diversi”.

Chissà che l’iniziativa di Quixey non mischi un po’ le carte. Si veda l’articolo di Sarah Perez per Techcrunch.com


Ready For A “Web” Of Apps? Quixey Launches AppURL, A New Way To Enable Deep Linking Across Mobile Applications

Mobile app search engine Quixey is today introducing a new initiative called AppURLwhich proposes a way to make mobile apps work more like the web. Instead of apps existing as standalone silos, AppURL would allow users to navigate from one app directly to a specific piece of content found in another – like an article within a news application, a restaurant listing on Yelp, or a particular friend’s profile in a social app, for example.

This concept is called “deep linking,” and it’s not an altogether new one. There have been a few attempts to kickstart its adoption in the industry before, most recently with the debut of Cellogic’s new service called Deeplink.me, which is essentially a bit.ly for mobile app deep linking. Earlier efforts have also included things like OneMillionAppSchemes.com, a database that tried to open source the unpublished custom URL schemes for iOS applications, and PhotoAppLink, an older open source initiative aiming to simplify photo editing by tying multiple photo-editing apps together using similar app-linking technology. (I’ve personally advocated for deep linking myself, I have to note.)

“The idea for deep linking isn’t necessarily new,” agrees Quixey co-founder and CEO Tomer Kagan. “Twitter has their cards,” he says, referring to Twitter’s push to have developers publish additional HTML on their webpages in order to create more media-rich tweets. ”And other companies have their own proprietary schemes. But we’re saying that not every company should redevelop their own way of doing this. There should be a universal way of doing this – a universal initiative that everyone gets behind that doesn’t benefit one person over the other.”

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